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Southwest Benefit Administrators offers a win-win all the way around. At last, employers can offer a voluntary benefit with high value and tax savings to both the employee and the company, without adding employee benefit costs.

SBA also provides timely and accurate benefits administration services for Direct Reimbursement programs that don't involve an insurance plan at all. How does a Direct Reimbursement plan work?

  • core claims system complemented with IT expertise
  • electronic claims submissions
  • quick turnaround on payment to providers; and
    ever-evolving technology
  • efficient processing
  • high rating of customer service standards performance
  • ASO experience
  • extensive dental product knowledge and regulatory knowledge and compliance

  • We service more than 30 products with customers in both the private and public sectors
  • Southwest Benefit Administrators is known for exceeding industry standards for claims processing, customer service, eligibility and enrollment processing while providing the full scope of services you expect.

  • fast and flexible in tailoring of programs to meet a variety of customer needs and expectations
  • state of the art technology


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